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Our Mission Discover the Future

Biomind Labs is developing the next generation of pharmaceuticals to treat patients suffering from neurological disorders by targeting the drivers of disease.

& Development

We focus our research in transforming biomedical sciences knowledge into fast-acting/controlled-release novel drugs and tailored drug delivery systems targeting specific therapeutic indications that go beyond mental health conditions.

Our commitment is to provide patients and the psychiatric community with novel pharmaceuticals that provide a comfortable, safe and efficient use, by developing:


A unique portfolio of molecules aimed at providing patients with access to affordable and modern day neuropsychiatric treatments


The most diversified pipeline of clinical trials targeting multiple diseases to seek fast-track approvals and breakthrough therapy designations for novel pharmaceuticals


Complex products, on-demand products, and customized products, controlling the time and place of drug release for the specific needs of each patient


A personalized medicine and a sustainable production to provide a democratic access to our novel pharmaceuticals regardless the income level of patients


Following strict scientific standards to protect patients and help produce reliable clinical trials results

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
BMND01 - DMT Treatment-Resistant Depression
Route of administration 01
Route of administration 02
BMND02 - 5-MeO-DMT Fibromyalgia
BMND03 - 5-MeO-DMT Addictive Disorders
BMND05 - 5-MeO-DMT Chronic Pain
BMND06 - Mescaline Morbid Obesity
BMND07 - DMT Combination drug Major Depressive Disorder
BMND08 - 5-MeO-DMT Alzheimer's
BMND09 - Mescaline Parkinson’s Disease

A Robust
IP Strategy

Across every stage of the molecule
to market lifecycle.

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22 patents applications derived from 8 priority documents
PCT and EPO Written Opinions (ISR/WO): Very promising

Our academic & corporate credentials

Our highly qualified team of scientists with more than fifteen years of experience in research, development, and management in life sciences projects, aim to go beyond behavioural studies and work on elucidating the biochemical and neurological mechanisms of our portfolio of molecules.

An experienced Board and Management with diverse public company experience, life sciences domain expertise form the Department of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and proven experience working with psychotropic substances in several jurisdictions and negotiating with government authorities and health agencies.

Discover Our Team

Alejandro Antalich

Chief Executive Officer & Director

Mr. Antalich is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Company ICC Labs Inc. (TSXV), the first publicly traded company in the world to sell cannabis to a federal government, bridging the gap between the stigma behind certain controlled substances and regulators. Through strategic foresight, determination, commitment, responsibility, teamwork and passion, he led ICC Labs to its successful sale to Aurora (TSX) in November 2018, one of the largest participants in the industry, a $300 million transaction. An entrepreneur and investor with a commercial instinct and vision towards business growth, operations, manufacturing and product development. A savvy negotiator that manages unique relationship building skills.

Oscar León

Chief Financial Officer & Director

A highly experienced Certified Public Accountant with a solid background in Financial Management, Accounting, Project Finance and Risk Analysis, with experience in Agriculture, Cannabis, Mining and Hydropower Industries. US/Canadian GAAP, IFRS knowledge, SEC and TSX reporting and filing experience. Strong sense of teamwork, quality and ethics. A results-oriented individual who demonstrates his abilities to the benefit of the organization. 3+ decades of experience as Certified Public Accountant. 2+ decades of experience as CFO, Financial Controller, Chief Accountant for several Uruguayan, Canadian and American Companies.

Paola Díaz Dellavalle

Chief Scientific Officer

Ms. Díaz Dellavalle has a Ph.D in chemistry and natural molecules with more than 15 years of experience in research, development, and management in biotechnology projects. She has studies in intellectual property and competitive intelligence analysis, with vast experience in patent strategy and technology transfer, specializing in the fields of chemistry, life sciences, pharmacy and biotechnology. During her career, she has led teams of scientists and managed subcontractors for non-clinical studies and new molecule development programs.

Juan Presa

Chief Legal Officer

Attorney at law from the Catholic University in Uruguay, specializing in corporate, commercial and international law. Juan has worked with companies from diverse industries such as agriculture, mining, cannabis, FinTech, including listed companies both on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange. Juan developed the business expansion of companies through South America, Asia-Pacific and Africa, and participating in mergers and acquisitions of both public and private companies, public offerings and private placement financings.

Martín Bruno

Clinical Advisor

Ph.D Martín Bruno is a biochemist with Postdoctoral studies in Neurodegenerative Diseases (McGill University, Canada). Director of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences (ICBM), Universidad Católica de Cuyo, Argentina,), Principal Investigator of the ReD-Lat Consortium for research, diagnosis and treatment of dementia in Latin America and the Caribbean. He coordinates the genetic division (genomic sequencing) of patients, in coordination with Hudson Alpha, Alabama, USA and UCSF, California, USA.

Martín Daners

Head of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Mr Daners is a Pharmaceutical Chemist, specialized in Hospital Pharmacy. He has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, in areas of production, warehousing, research and development. Responsible for the implementation and certification of GxP and ISO standards, with vast experience registering pharmaceutical products under the health regulatory authority.

Lucía Minini

Scientific Laboratory Manager

Ms Minini has a Ph.D in Chemistry with a degree in Biochemistry. She has been working on drug research and development since 2011. Her expertise resides in active pharmaceutical ingredients discovery, isolation and evaluation of their activity.

Florencia Ferraro

Biomolecular Research Scientist

Ms Ferraro has a MSc in Chemistry oriented to Medicinal Chemistry with a degree in Biochemistry. She has been working on drug research and development since 2013, specializing in synthesis, characterization, and biological evaluation of active pharmaceutical ingredients, both in vitro and in silico.

Ravi Sood

Chairman of the Board

Mr. Sood is managing director of Signal 8 Limited based in Toronto, Canada. Founder of and the principal investor in several businesses in emerging markets and currently serves as Chairman of Jade Power Trust (TSXV) and Galane Gold Ltd. (TSXV) and as a director of Eve & Co Incorporated (TSXV). He was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Navina Asset Management Inc., a global asset management firm headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Mr. Sood led the investment activities of Navina and its predecessor company, Lawrence Asset Management Inc., from its founding in 2001 until he sold the firm in 2010. Mr. Sood was educated at the University of Waterloo (B.Mathematics).

Dr. Ben Illigens


Mr. Illigens is a clinician, clinical scientist, biostatistician, clinical informatician, clinical data scientist and teacher, with over 12 years experience in implementing life sciences, healthcare and digital technologies, innovative programs, products and services in the academic, the biotech, pharmaceutical, CRO and life sciences market in Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia. He was the Instructor in Neurology at the Harvard Medical School, Department of Neurology, in Boston from 2008 to 2018. He also managed the Autonomic Nervous Center of the Department of Neurology. Mr. Illigens created the first distance, blended-learning program at the Dresden International University in 2014.

Fraser Buchan


Mr. Buchan began his career on the institutional sales desk at GMP Securities in Toronto followed by GMP Europe in London. Mr. Buchan has served as an executive of Newcastle Gold, Elgin Mining, Touchstone Gold and Andean Precious Metals, and has served as a director of several publicly traded companies. Most recently, Mr. Buchan co-founded Tradewind Markets in partnership with IEX Group and Sprott Inc. Backed by leading companies in the precious metals industry, Tradewind provides institutions with a suite of digital solutions in trading, supply chain management, settlement and custody of precious metals. Mr. Buchan holds a degree in Economics from McGill University.



Commitment to transparency with our patients, the medical community, and our investors. Trust, clarity and innovation are the pillars that accompany us in every step we take.


The next generation of pharma.

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